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We are interested in making disciples of Jesus, not surface Christians who are interested in checking Jesus off their ‘to do’ list each week…and we believe Life Groups are the best way to do that. Life Groups are not bible studies.  They are not small groups that hang out and eat together.  Life Groups are much more. Contact the leader of the group you're interested in for details!


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C.I.A. | Christians In Action


Tuesdays @ 6p-7:15p 

Gynder Lee, Facilitator

Virtual Groups                                    |  317.833.4437


Google Meet Video call link:;!!IZ3lH8c!gbslvxRJVopR4ZPoRG0LttpwIJqNsZvnb1-AN6-Fts9TEwpD8GMmrjKY2m0sCNxO$

W.O.W. |  Word On Wednesdays                                              

Wednesday @ 6p-7:15p

Pastor Norell Taylor, Facilitator

Virtual Groups | 317.691.2823


Google Meet Video call link:;!!IZ3lH8c!kALnHQ7iYkhIvxBnvlCLKwlxssAGBF1KdqyP87aQdnHiFUQ2vXvcW17fCgIQIgMo$