To help build a healthy multi-ethnic and economically diverse church, we desire to…

…Embrace Dependence

We rely on God at all times, even the most difficult ones, and trust that his plan is more awesome than we could ever imagine.  We strive to make sure that we are made smaller while God is made bigger in our church and in our members.


…Take Intentional Steps

We deliberately organize the church in a way that reflects the diversity God longs to see in His Church.  We allow everyone to have the opportunity to share their culture with the church and have their culture integrated into the church with passion and love so that all people will feel welcome.


…Empower Diverse Leadership

We consciously put a diverse group of leaders in place so that no one group of people dominates any one ministry and we are being consistent with the multi-ethnic vision God has called us to.


…Develop Cross-Cultural Relationships

We endeavor to create authentic and transparent relationships with others who are different than us so that we can learn about and love all people and cultures.


…Pursue Cross-Cultural Competence

We seek out knowledge and understanding of all cultures through building relationships, seeking out information and life experience.


…Promote a Spirit of Inclusion

We purposefully diversify the church, church service and church programming to include formats, languages, leaders, etc that represent and appeal to the many different cultures making the church.  We are comfortable being uncomfortable. 


…Mobilize for Impact

We strive to maintain a healthy multi-ethnic church that is prepared to significantly impact the community and the world for Jesus Christ.